Tyler Shaddix of GoGuardian — The Future of Education, Digital Learning, and Data

In this episode we talk with Tyler Shaddix the CPO of GoGuardian. GoGuardian is one of the fastest growing education companies in the US. They provide thousands of K-12 schools with the technology they need to create safe and effective digital learning environments.

We talk about how Tyler ended up at GoGuardian, the incentives in the K-12 system, digital learning technology, and how we can use data to create experiences that meet the needs of every student.

“Education is one of the best ways to change the world because you’re basically sculpting the next generation” - Tyler Shaddix

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Show Notes:

  • The story about how Tyler ended up at Go Guardian. [03:00]
  • Courting process for joining Go Guardian. [06:55]
  • Technology and internet adoption in the classroom. [08:48]
  • What have some of the technology roll-out challenges been? [10:18]
  • Tells the story of the kingdom versus bridges analogy. [14:00]
  • Incremental steps that lead to building the future. [16:44]
  • Building the first step to a 25 year journey. [17:57]
  • Story of Beacon, the suicide prevention product. [19:30]
  • Has the rise of technology contributed to the mental health crisis? [24:18]
  • How has Beacon been performing? [25:12]
  • Student vs. Administrative culture for mental health services. [27:25]
  • Challenges from lack of counselors between schools and higher ups. [29:41]
  • How to provide educators with the data and
    resources to show higher ups that their ideas are working? [32:10]
  • What are some of the positive implications of new access to data? [34:14]
  • How do you envision content coming about? [35:59]
  • Is the content itself the bottleneck? [37:20]
  • Future of Educational content & Breakdown of the entire system for creating content. [39:06]
  • What advice would you give to your younger self when you were trying to make a decision to go join Go Guardian or not? [40:22]

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