Kelly Smith of Prenda — The Future of Education, Microschools, and Growth Mindset

In this episode we talk with Kelly Smith the CEO of Prenda. Prenda is a new type of school — called a microschool — that blends in-person interaction and technology to create personalized learning programs for kids that focuses on mastery and responsibility.

We talk about alternative education models, growth mindset, and how Prenda is working to develop the next generation of empower learners.

"When we talk about where education is going, in Prenda’s view and my view, it’s just two words: empowered learners" -Kelly Smith

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Show Notes:

  • How do you view the role of education changing in the future and how alternatives are going to shape that landscape? [01:00]
  • Are the traditional educational tracks going away? [05:14]
  • Tell me more about Prenda’s approach. [08:19]
  • Is it about giving kids the opportunity to be creative and explore their genuine curiosity? [11:09]
  • Are there age restrictions on who can open a Microschool? [12:48]
  • After 8th grade, what happens after you graduate from Prenda? [13:16]
  • What are some of the misconceptions between the homeschool and microschool model? [15:23]
  • Falling behind in the traditional education system. [17:27]
  • How grades evolve into raises and promotions in the professional world. [19:22]
  • Discussing lifelong learning mindset shift for students. [21:20]
  • The Inner Game of Tennis comparison to education. [23:14]
  • What are the parents’ mindsets towards alternative education? [24:15]
  • Do you parents come to Prenda already with a mindset shift? [28:16]
  • Prenda offers parents an option that’s more personalized to their kids’ interests, does that affect the parents too? [29:56]
  • Ray Dalio’s Principles on self-improvement [31:04]
  • When was the moment in your life when that rewiring happened? [32:00]
  • Tell me more about Code Club [36:43]
  • Tell me about some of the experiments you ran with those kids [39:13]
  • Does students picking their own projects increase the learning and fun? [44:46]
  • Do you have any guidance or advice for those who want to get involved in building the future of education? [45:52]

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