Jon Dishotsky of Starcity — The Future of Cities, Communities, and Collaboration

"To make cities affordable for everyone, it's a ridiculous mission. But it’s ridiculous on purpose, because it should drive us to work on this for the next 50 years."

In this episode we talk with Jon Dishotsky the CEO of Starcity.

Starcity builds intentional and sustainable co-living communities to help people find a place to call home in today's cities. In pursuit of their mission to make cities more accessible to everyone, Starcity is shaping the future of urban living, community, and sustainable development.

In this episode, we talk about the trends around city living, the challenges of our individualism, and the role that cities can play in providing opportunity and community.

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Show Notes:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re building at Starcity and the future you are trying to create? [00:37]
  • Is the idea that previously inaccessible areas for a large number of people become more accessible? [03:34]
  • How do you see the dynamic of people working remotely and leaving cities working out in the future? [05:21]
  • Are cities providing in-person communities the answer to painful social isolation?[10:45]
  • Will there be a regression back to cities after people realize living in an affordable house in the suburbs leaves them socially isolated? [13:10]
  • How do we build a sense of community into our cities? [15:25]
  • How do you think we ended up in this state where everyone is so individualistic and trying to get that glass box in the sky? [19:12]
  • Do you think the idea of having to do it alone stops them from starting or does getting support along the way help build that momentum? [23:35]
  • Can you tell me about your relationship with work and if you’re doing it at Starcity and how the 10, 20 year lifetime scale factors into that? [28:18]
  • It’s like seeing something that needs to exist and recognizing that it’s going to take some time but there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing [31:32]
  • Why do you think people don’t go build things? [33:43]
  • What’s your favorite city and why? [37:40]

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