The Future of Work, Decentralized Marketplaces, and Curiosity

In this episode of Build The Future,  we talk with Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski, Founder and CRO of BrainTrust — the first user-controlled talent network that connects organizations with world-class tech talent.

We talk about how Braintrust is building the future of work through their decentralized job marketplace, the token model they've built on, and how the future of this marketplace is owned by the users.

Key Ideas & Questions

[1:14] Tell me about the future you're building with Braintrust, what's the vision?

[3:33] What does it mean for the network to be owned and operated by the talent?

[4:43] How does this shift in a talent owned marketplace grow and evolve over the coming decades?

[6:39] Because there are global demands of highly technical talent, what does the future of work look like for individuals operating that world?

[8:00] How do we get everyone around the world upscaled and how do we think about this moving forward, if a lot of work is going to be project based and decentralized?

[10:19] How do you see this evolving in a way where instead of pursuing traditional modes of higher education, people would go to the Braintrust Academy to learn the skills they need to immediately be valuable? Or to immediately have a job in the market?

[11:21] How Braintrust will build camaraderie and teamwork, while using their company model.

[12:56] How Braintrust is organically building teams within their group of multidisciplinary experts, where they bid and do projects as a group, not only as an individual consultant.

[13:54] Description of the Hollywood Model of work and how it compares to what Braintrust is doing.

[16:54] How Companies are beginning to understand the benefit of a highly flexible and autonomous workforce and answers the question on where there is still friction for companies that are slowly moving to adopt this model?

[18:59] The types of soft skills needed in order to thrive in this future.

[20:50] The biggest misconceptions about this mode of operating.  

[21:49] The components of the Blockchain Model that Braintrust currently uses.

[24:48] Why it is important for each individual working with Braintrust to have governance rights and voting rights as well as having the one token one vote system.

[25:59] The evolutionary process of Braintrust becoming a foundation.

[26:53] How individuals will earn the trust tokens and be able to use them.

[28:15] Why Braintrust decided to use this brand new type of business model.

[29:40] What are some of the other facets that are really interesting to you or that you think you would like to see other entrepreneurs, go build?

[31:05] Gabriel speculates on what categories might move into this decentralized model in the future.

[32:46] How would you recommend someone get started in pursuing this independent solo entrepreneur kind of lifestyle? And how does braintrust fit into that?

[33:17] What excites you the most about the future?