Evan Goldin of Parkade — The Future of Parking, Urban Transit, and Cities

"Forcing people to provide this hugely expensive good that they then have to give away for free has been a mistake and it's resulted in a lot less flexibility for businesses. It's resulted in more expensive housing. It's resulted in cities that are flooded with cars and with buses that are stuck in public transit. And I think we're just getting to the point where we're starting to see the light. And we're starting to realize that perhaps the future could look a little different."

‍In this episode of Build The Future, we talk with Evan Goldin, the founder of Parkade which builds parking software that helps businesses, cities, and individuals better utilize the overabundance of parking space around them.

We talk with Evan about the havoc that free parking has wrecked on our cities, the impact of COVID on our city streets, and the role that parking innovation will play in building the future of cities.