Alexis Rivas of Cover — The Future of Homes, the Tesla Strategy, and Evolving Cities

"Imagine having to, every time you want to service your car, take a hacksaw to the body panels, make a hole, and then have to patch it up. That's what you're doing with home construction today. And so what we've done is we've made it so that you can actually unclip our ceiling and wall panels, access everything, and then just put them back up."

In this episode of Build The Future, we talk with Alexis Rivas the CEO of Cover where they're building ultra-high quality homes using algorithms and production lines to get us to a future where homes are beautiful, abundant, well-built, and improve the environment.

We talk with Alexis about literally building the future of homes, their Tesla-esque go-to-market strategy, and how our relationships with the home may evolve.

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